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Personalize Your Mugs @ Kanzati.com 
Mug can be customized with your favorite photo, special events, or memorable moments.

Sublimation Love  Mug

Single Image Mug, 11 oz. Colorful Mug Magic Mug
Single Image Mug, 11 oz. Colorful Mug Magic Mug
11-oz. ceramic mug. Customize with your favorite photo. 11 or 15 oz ceramic mug. Choose from 5 colors The 11-oz ceramic mug appears black until filled with hot water. It then reveals a tiled design of your favorite photo.
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The Single Image White Mug will bring a smile to your face every time you enjoy your morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Its white surface enables you to proudly display any favorite photo, such as a one of a child’s birthday, a vacation scene, a sports moment or a favorite pet in beautiful color. This 11 ounce mug can be further enhanced and personalized by adding a Creative Edge Design or a Character Template. It is dishwasher safe and microwave safe for added convenience.

Magic Mug


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